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   Frequently Asked Questions


Who arranges network access and pays the phone bill?

A. We, the service provider can. Relax! But you can do it yourself if you want to.


Q. Who Collects the coins?

A. We, the Service Provider can. Relax! But you can do it yourself if you want to.


Q. Is the hirer entitled to a share of the profits on calls made?

A. YES. Of course! But how much you can receive depends on what network access or calling deal you choose, and how much you choose to charge your customers- some are more profitable than others! Household installed users are eligible for comparable rewards for high usage as well! These can consist of reduced or free equipment rent and more generous calling deals; i.e. extensions on the amount of time each dollar buys. However, If you have purchased your Yellerphone outright, or have arranged network access independently, you can be entitled to 100% of your phone's profits.


Q. Why allow us to fully manage your service?

A. Payphones are specialist equipment, a fully managed service leverages off our experience, and our bulk buying power gives you exclusive access to low call rates that you could NEVER achieve alone. You DON'T have to opt for out fully managed service though if you wish to operate the phone in a more independent manner.


Q. Wireless devices donít work well in my premises due to thick walls/location- will a Yellerphone work?

A. Typically, yes- larger antennas usually fix any problems, or place the antenna on your roof.


Q. Why is a Yellerphone so cheap compared to competitors?

A. Our equipment is newer and cheaper to run; and we deliver savings to you by slashing our margins!


Q. Is a Yellerphone Compatible with Calling cards and Phone Banking? 

A. YES. All New 2nd Generation Yellerphone Airware units are phone banking and international calling card compatible. 

We can also arrange for Network access for your Yellerphone that features flat rate or FREE UNTIMED access to a popular suite of calling cards, and we also can provide stocks of calling cards to sell to your customers at a 20% profit margin. This can be a very lucrative business model if the Yellerphone is operated in a backpacker, international hotel or tourist hotspot.


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