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   About Us


The Yellerphone brand of payphones is proudly and exclusively distributed in Australia by:



ABN: 41 640 950 423



We are an Australian Government Registered Telecommunications Equipment Supplier. Our Supplier code is N22795


We are authorised by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) to affix equipment with compliance markings strictly in accordance with the Telecommunications Labelling (customer Equipment and Customer Cabling) Notice 2001.




We are a 100% Australian owned and operated business and are based south of Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.

Our mission is to provide high quality coin-operated phone equipment and wireless telephony solutions to both the business community and to low income earners such as pensioners and students that are exceedingly cost effective.


We have invested in extensive research and development to bring to market user friendly, intelligent equipment and business models never seen before in the Australian marketplace.


We are committed to continuous improvement of our processes, services, product offerings, technology and equipment capabilities. 

Unlike many large, impersonal companies, we are prepared to listen to YOU and meld our R&D efforts to your expectations- the payphone purchaser/hirer host client, and the end users opinion and needs are paramount to us.




Our rock bottom equipment and rental prices stem from our desire to aggressively undercut our competitors.


Extensive knowledge, expertise and bulk buying power enables us to deliver the cheapest network access and call rates to our equipment purchasers and hirers at prices they could never achieve on their own.


The dual pillars of 

  • Inexpensive capital equipment and; 

  • Budget-priced tailored telecommunication network access 


Both translate into viable business models with excellent flow on benefits for business public payphone host clients, and calling rates that represent unbeatable value for end users.


We aim to have you YELLing and shouting about your satisfaction with our products and service!



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