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   Our Extensive stable of affordable range extending mobile phone Antennas 


The Yellerphone's functionality and ability to operate in rural and remote areas can be enhanced greatly by the addition of a high power, high gain antenna and quality cabling products to allow it to work flawlessly in areas where even the the best mobile phones would normally have no hope of even receiving an SMS, let alone a comparatively crystal-clear voice call.

These antenna products, when accompanied with the correct connectors and adaptors can also potentially be utilised in conjunction with stock standard mobile phones to boost their range and performance.

The range detailed on this site is by no means a definitive list; we have access to an extensive stable of products from a number of partner organisations; and have the capacity to tailor a custom long range antenna solution to suit your needs for just about any radio frequency application


900MHz high gain 9dBi/11dBi/13dBi Yagi Antenna

Code: YELLER-YAG9-9  

Price: AUD 150.00 (9Dbi config) 

Availability: Available at request.  

Description: 900MHz 9dBi Yagi Antenna  


Also available in higher gain/boost configurations:

        11dBi (add $20.00) 

        13dBi (add $33.00)

Main Features

        High Gain Directional Antenna

        Available in 9, 11 and 13dBi gain models

        Stainless Steel Construction, Low Wind Loading

        Simple installation. Vertical or Horizontal Polarization

        18 Pigtail with Type N Female Connector Standard

        DC Ground for lightning protection

        1 year return to base warranty.



        900 MHz ISM Band Applications 

        Non Line of Sight Applications

        WISP CPE Equipment 

        Cellular- Mobile phones, & Yellerphone payphones


Product: 9dBi Omni Antenna - Wall Mount

Code: YELLER-OMN-9db

Price: AUD $230 
Availability: shipped to order 
         9dBi Antenna with FME Female Connector. 
        Comes with Wall Mount and 5m cable.


         L Bracket for Wall Mounting Antenna is 2mm Black Powder Coated Steel, 
        16mm Hole, 135mm from wall to hole.


         Requires a patch lead for connection to the wireless modem or mobile phone. 
(SMA connector for yellerphone)








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