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   Applications and benefits


Suggested applications:

       Restaurants, hotels, corner stores ,petrol stations and backpackers.

       In Buses, Taxis, and Tour Coaches.

       Perfect for remote areas where installing copper phone is expensive!

       Exhibitions and events

       Tourist attractions

       Aged Care residents- landline alternative


Why Install a Yellerphone Payphone?  

      Avoid Paying for landline Rental - this SAVES YOU $400-450 a year!.

      Payphones attract passers by into your business premises. 

      100% portable- Wireless and can be battery powered for 52 hrs+

      Visiting Tourists can call home exceedingly cheaply from your attraction- great advertising!

      A payphone is a landmark in any shopping precinct Make your location stand out!

      Utilise your payphone to make ultra-low cost calls to mobiles and abroad.

      Yellerphone cases and cords  are STEEL ARMOURED for superior strength and security, unlike the comparatively weak Telstra supplied Bluephones.



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