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PDF Brochures, standard form contracts, forms and Other resources Now available! 


Click here for Forms and Brochures



Payphone Repair manuals and/or operation / user manuals for sale.

We currently have Used Bluephone, CT6, CT6+, CT6D, Diamond, Goldphone, CT4 PMG CT1, Cardphone , Doro Zircon MX and Telstra Siemens X2, X1 full industry standard workshop repair manuals available. 

All are in good condition, and most are now listed and available for purchase on the online store.


Click here to access our NEW ONLINE STORE!

We accept bank deposit, Cashiers bank Cheque, Australian Money Order, Paypal and Credit Card.


email sales@yellerphone.com if you have any issues with the online store.


WANTED- Victa Redphone Workshop Repair Manual and/or Owners manual. 

(Our funky old Classic 1960's Redphone is bound to break down one day, and we would like to be able to repair it easily when it does.)

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