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    Research and Development Test Trial program


 Expressions of interest invited from parties interested in participating in a free trial of next generation payphones.

We pride ourselves in our commitment to innovation and improvement- and have recently developed a new suite of great new features and improvements for our flagship payphone the Yellerphone Airware™

However, before we incorporate these features as standard, it is prudent to thoroughly test them in the field to ensure we are releasing a product of the highest quality onto the market.

We are in need of interested parties willing to take part in our field-trials of these new generation models.

Taking part in the trial will entitle you to having a new and improved Yellerphone Airware™ installed on your property, completely free of charge for you, your family, or your customers (if applicable) to enjoy the use of.

During the trial period, the payphone's call charges will be set at cost price, delivering great value to users.

We aim to gather a test pool from as wide spread of demographics, user types and areas as we can achieve.

To be eligible to be considered, you do NOT have to be a business owner, existing customer or present or former payphone owner; although we do particularly  encourage existing Telstra CLM12 and CLM50 metered bluephone and gold phone owners to apply. 

Charity and community groups are also strongly encouraged to apply.

The only specific requirements are:

  • Willingness to have a Yellerphone securely bolted or chained to a cabinet, desk or wall; OR

  • Floor space area of 30cmx30cm, (Roughly 0.2  Square metres) for a payphone stand.

  • Willingness to look after the Yellerphone and protect it from hazards

  • A power point within 3 metres of your preferred installation site; or within safe reach of an extension cord.

All expressions of interest in participation are no obligation, and a simple process of emailing your name, address and phone number to: 

sales@yellerphone.com Or, simply call us on 0431-121-711 

Any queries about the program are most welcome; please feel free to contact us at

help@yellerphone.com Or, similarly, call us on 0431-121-711 

and we will endeavour to address any questions or concerns you may have. 

All parties expressing interest in participating in the program will receive a response detailing whether or not they have been shortlisted, or if their details have been placed in a resource pool for favourable consideration in future trial programs.

All shortlisted applicants will be contacted by phone or email to assist in the final selection process.

We value your privacy; All personal information will not be disclosed to third parties under any circumstances; though by submitting your details you do agree by default that we may contact you in a non-intrusive manner for current or future marketing, research and/or promotional purposes unless you specifically request to opt out of receiving any further communications from us.

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