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Introducing the new  Yellerphone Airware GEN II  

Mobile Wireless Payphone for Australia.




A Revolution in Affordability, Portability, Durability and Consumer Value

Replacing a gold phone or bluephone? this is an intelligent choice you will never regret!


NOTE: The Yelllerphone Airware GEN II as depicted on this website, is ONLY available to customers for the purposes of Export outside of Australia, and all pricing is indicative only.

Please email us at sales@yellerphone.com if you wish to be kept updated about product releases in domestic and overseas markets, or alternatively, please call us for further information.


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     Business and HOME installations  

     Strong Business case - high profitability = sub 2 year payback period.

     Portable & Go anywhere- Mains and Internal Battery Power source.

     Hire plans from as little as $4/Week incl. line rental.

     $0 Rental for eligible sites

     Outright Purchase available at a low regular price of $900 

     Pays for itself- Saves over $450 in Terrestrial meter pulsed Fixed Line rental per annum 

     Remote area compatible- Amplified Antenna arrays available.          

     Competitive, ultra-low call cost =Customer Satisfaction

     AMAZING international call rates much lower than the crippling costs of using roaming foreign mobiles or landlines= HAPPY LOCALS & TOURISTS

       $1  buys from 5-17 mins on our network access plans

............To ANYWHERE in Australia, INCLUDING mobile!


Our rock bottom equipment and rental prices stem from our desire to aggressively undercut our competitors.


Extensive knowledge, expertise and bulk buying power enables us to deliver the cheapest network access and call rates to our equipment purchasers and hirers-

.........at prices they could never achieve on their own.


The dual pillars of 

  • Inexpensive capital equipment and; 

  • Budget-priced tailored telecommunication network access 


Both translate into viable business models with excellent flow on benefits for business public payphone host clients, and calling rates that represent unbeatable value for end users.




We aim to have you YELLing and shouting about your satisfaction with our products and service!


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