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Yellerphone Airware™ GEN II wireless mobile payphone

The Yellerphone Airware™ Steel cased Indoor Coin-Operated Payphone is a highly economical and versatile way to provide convenient communication in indoor supervised and semi-supervised environments where a wireless connection is more accessible or more appropriate than landlines due to the superior cost effectiveness of wireless payphones; or a desire for ease of mobility and relocation. e.g. pubs, concerts, restaurants, hotels and backpackers.

Because it it wireless, this unit is can be utilised on buses, trams, trains and in remote locations where a wired connection would not be possible.

Extended Range amplified Yagi antennas are available on request

Click here to view our extensive range of antenna products!!!

The phone is Wall or desk mountable, and can be attached to a stand if desired.

The long battery life and rugged construction poses the possibility for the payphone to be placed outside in a sheltered and visible position near the entrance to your premises to maximise visibility and revenue, and taken inside during the night for safety and charging (charging will be required only if the payphone is not connected to a power source during normal operation)


The unique stylish design and the ability to set and advertise very attractive call prices maximises the units visibility and attracts the attention of consumers.



§         Steel Cased, heavy commercial quality- Highly vandal Resistant

§         Dual band 900/1800/ or 1900 MHz Compatibility

§         Backlit Display

§         Caller-ID on incoming calls

§         Network, SIM and local Base station locking security

§         Pre call coin escrow- coin collection on call maturity.

§         Toll free codes programmable – i.e. Emerg. services, related businesses.

§         9 Speed Dials Programmable- Rentable allocation slots =additional revenue source

§         IP-Gateway based calling subroutines for low cost gated VOIP access.

§         International & 1902 premium calling restrictions programmable.

§         Variable 2 part initial/subsequent tariffing to accurately account for flag-fall costs.

§         100% Calling Card and telephone banking Compatible

§         Display of  wireless signal strength

§         Tested to stringent European Standards- Fully compliant with ETSI GSM Phase 2+ and electromagnetic radiation (EMC) standards.

§         1.8V / 3V SIM Interface

§         Energy Efficient- Low power consumption

§         Incoming call restriction

§         Low battery warnings

  • 100% AUSTRALIAN MADE OUTDOOR "TANK" heavy gauge chassis available on request for additional cost.


Case Construction

Powder Coated Steel; 

Heavy duty, locally made weatherproof outdoor cases available on request.

Communications Link

 GSM TRI BAND 900/1800/1900

Transmitter output Power

2W/1W for GSM 900/1800MHz Bands

Power Supply

InputVoltage: 7.5V DC – 750 mA, Plug in power transformer

6V / 4 Ah internal battery

Internal On/Off switch for unit. 

Security Measures

Full steel external case and  Password protection against unauthorised programming.

Secure Anti-tamper measures on antenna connector

Dual Locks- Locks both on external case internally to prevent removal of coin box.

SIM PIN Locking, Network Locking, Base station  Locking.

Fully programmable call barring, and configurable STD code settings

Module Locking and remote management and monitoring facility via SMS

LCD display

Green Backlit LCD- Custom standby message programmable

Indicators & lights

Power on and Network connection available, Standby LCD messages.

Input Devices

Standard phone 3 X 4 Alphanumeric Keypad. programmable Speed dials activated by 2 second depression of any of nine keys, (1-9)

Operating Temp Range

Operating: -10C to +50C, Storage: -15C to +60C


+5db rugged rubberised whip antenna.


Wall or Desk Mountable


Width: 200 (@Base)  Length: 270 (@Base)  Depth: 110 (@base)

Easily Fits in a 30cm x 30cm x 20cm cardboard shipping box. 

Safety & Approvals

Tested to Stringent European Standards.

Labelled strictly in accordance with the Australian Telecommunications (Customer Equipment and Customer Cabling) Labelling Notice 2001

Included Accessories

7.5V DC – 750 mA, power transformer, 4ah battery;  Rubberised whip antenna.

Optional Accessories

Various Amplified Hi-boost yagi and omni directional antennas available on request. We offer a very wide range of antennas- Click here to view


SMA antenna connector for connecting external whip antenna

DC socket for connecting external power transformer.


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